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Have you ever walked into a baby supercenter store only to simply turn around and walk out because the options are too overwhelming? Although it’s nice to have options to choose from, there is such a thing as “option overload” which can lead you to not purchase anything at all. 

When it comes to anything parenting, the easier things are, the better. And although it’s nice to have options to choose from, there is such a thing as “option overload” which can lead you to not purchase anything at all. When it comes to things such as choosing  a teething toy for your little one, there are many different options available: wooden, silicone, and the kind that you can freeze. So, if your little one is starting to teeth, where should you start? Read on to learn more.

Wooden Teethers

Wooden teethers have gained a lot of popularity lately because they offer children an all-natural approach to otherwise not-so-natural teethers. When choosing a teether for your child make sure to conduct some research into where the teether was made— for instance some wooden teethers made in countries like China may be covered in a varnish that’s not good for your child’s health.

Silicone Teethers

As probably the cheapest and most popular form of teethers, silicone teethers come in a variety of fun shapes and sizes— making the shopping process a lot more enjoyable. When shopping for a silicone teether, make sure that it is small enough to fit in your child’s mouth— as many silicone teethers can actually be quite large. Additionally, make sure to read the labels in order to make sure that they pass the health and safety codes. 

Teethers You Can Freeze

These types of teethers are especially popular among babies and parents alike because once frozen, these teethers can actually help to soothe your baby’s gums by numbing them. Every time your baby bites down on the teether, the cold temperature will help with pain and inflammation.

When it comes to choosing the right teether for your baby, the best thing you can do is try one out and see if they like it, if they don’t, move on to another type. To learn more about pediatric dental health or to schedule an appointment, contact Today’s Dental today!

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