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In this day and age, it can seem like there is an overbearing parent around every corner. And although it’s not a bad thing to be invested in your child, it can be hard to distinguish between when you’re hovering and when you’re being a good parent. 

As one of those things, pediatric dental health is a topic that is always up for discussion amongst parenting groups. Specifically, because your child’s baby teeth are going to fall out, some parents just aren’t sure if they need to worry about the health of their child’s baby teeth. If your child needs to get a filling done on one of their baby teeth, is it worth getting done if it is just going to fall out? Read on to learn more. 


The main reason you will want to get your child’s cavity filled— even on a baby tooth— is to help ease their pain and discomfort. Cavities cause tooth sensitivity and throbbing, which is beyond uncomfortable for an adult, let alone a child. Luckily by having their cavity filled, the nerve that is damaged and exposed will be covered up, and your kid will go back to feeling comfortable again. 


Another great reason to have your child’s cavity filled is that if it is left alone, it increases the risk of the spread of infection— which could result in huge dental problems further on down the line. To help stop an infection from spreading, all you have to do is have your child’s cavity filled. 

Good Dental Habits 

Remember that just because your kid’s baby teeth are going to fall out, they should still be taking care of them. By instilling good dental habits in your child early on, it will be easier for them to care for their teeth as they reach adulthood. 

Getting your child’s cavity filled in a tooth that is going to fall out soon may seem like a waste of time and money, but that is far from the truth. To learn more about pediatric dentistry or to schedule an appointment with one of our dentist’s, contact Today’s Dental.

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