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Headache Treatment Edmonton AB

Having a headache, an mean one of two things: either you haven’t been getting enough sleep or you’re getting a cold, right? Although those are two common causes of headaches, if you get chronic and frequent tension headaches they might be caused by so much more.

How Are They Caused?

Tension headaches account for about 90% of all headaches— which means that more likely than not, you have had a tension headache at least once in your life. Experts aren’t entirely sure how all tension headaches are caused, but a few of the causes are stress, an illness, jaw clenching, or tension.

How Does A Dentist Come Into Play?

Although many patients can find relief from their tension headaches by taking an over-the-counter pain reliever, the solution might be a lot different than you think. The next time you suffer from a tension headache take a close look at what your jaw is doing. Is it clenched? Is it tight? Are you biting down hard? Often, the tension in your jaw can impact the tension you are experiencing with a headache. Luckily, here at Today’s Dental, we have a variety of solutions that we can use to help you find relief including:

  • Dental Restorations
  • Bite Restorations
  • Getting a Custom-Made Orthotic
  • Repositioning Teeth
  • Correcting Alignment

During your initial consultation with Today’s Dental regarding your tension headaches, we will go over a variety of things including your oral health, any underlying jaw conditions you may be suffering from in addition to your headaches, and a treatment plan.

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