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TMJ TMD Treatment Edmonton AB 

The temporomandibular joint disorder is a common condition that causes this joint in your jaw to become irritated and inflamed. Most patients experience common symptoms of TMD such as jaw swelling, jaw clicking, jaw stiffness, and even jaw pain. However, as a condition that causes a variety of other unusual symptoms across the body, some patients go untreated for years. Let’s take a close look at three unique symptoms of TMJ.  

Back Pain 

One of the unique symptoms of patients who have TMD is back, neck, and shoulder pain. How exactly does this happen? Patients who have TMJ tend to clench their jaw and carry that tension throughout their body— including all the way into their back. 

A Headache 

Similar to how patients carry tension in their back, they also carry that tension upward into their head— which causes tension headaches. If you experience chronic tension headaches that aren’t related to things like a lack of sleep or stress, they may be caused by TMD. 

Ear Pain 

Another weird place that patients experience pain when they have TMJ? Their ears. However, this stepmom makes a bit more sense. Your temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is right on your eardrum. So, when there are tension and stress that’s placed on your TMJ, many patients start to feel symptoms of it all the way into their ear— which often feels like an earache. 

If you suffer from any of these problems but haven’t been able to get a proper diagnosis for anything else, it may be TMD. Here at Today’s Dental, we offer patients a variety of TMJ treatments to help them find the relief that they deserve. 

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