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TMJ TMD Treatment Edmonton AB

Having temporomandibular joint disorder can be a literal pain, but more than anything it can just be irritating. TMD is a condition that causes the temporomandibular joint in the jaw to become swollen and irritated which can cause tension in the jaw or even clicking. Although surgery is an option to help fix this condition, it’s usually the last one. So, other than surgery, what are ways that you can get rid of TMD?

Lower Your Stress 

If you have TMD, you may notice that you get flare-ups when you are under a lot of pressure or stress. Typically, patients with TMD clench their jaw together when they are stressed out which can lead to the inflammation and pain. Additionally, other patients with TMD grind their teeth when they sleep which can also cause a flare-up. One way to lower the stress you’re placing on your jaw? To get rid of the stress in your life. The less stressed you are, the less clenching and grinding you’re likely to do. 

Do Exercises

Doing exercises aren’t just for your waistline. Simple exercises like moving your jaw from side to side can also help to alleviate the tension in your jaw; making you feel much better in the process. When you start to notice a flare up, do some of these exercises right away. 

Avoid Chewing Gum 

Even though the Canadian Dental Association has said that chewing sugar-free gum can help you cut down on cavities, if you have TMD, gum is bad news. The motion of chewing gum along with the restriction it places on your jaw can lead to a TMD flare up. 

Physiologic Orthotic

Sometimes, an ill-fitting bad bite may contribute to TMD symptoms. We have computerized technology to determine if your bite is contributing to the TMD symptoms, and if so, we can make a custom physiologic orthotic that can position your jaw in a physiologic neutral position to eliminate all the stress and tension arising from an ill-fitting bite. This is not a night guard or a splint that is traditionally made. It is a customized physiologic dental appliance.

If you suffer from any of the symptoms associated with TMD, schedule a consultation with our staff at Today’s Dental and give us a call at our Edmonton office at 780-489-1010.

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