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Teeth Whitening At Home: Is It Safe?

Teeth Whitening At Home: Is It Safe?

If you're looking to lighten the colour of your smile, you may also be wondering if home remedies can do the job safely. The short answer is no. Here, our Edmonton dentist explain why professional teeth whitening is a better option. 

Sticking to a normal routine of proper flossing and brushing, along with your regular dentist visits twice a year, is the best way to maintain a healthy smile.

But in some cases, you may want to lighten your teeth. That's because teeth naturally darken over time, and even more so due to lifestyle factors such as smoking, and drinking coffee or wine. 

While there are a number of options available for teeth whitening, it's best to steer clear of home remedies which can be unsafe and even damaging, and stick to products that are recommended by your dentist. 

The Truth About Home Remedies

Homemade tooth whitening remedies are not optimal for good oral health. Any tooth whitening effects can be offset by damage to your teeth. Below are some examples of unsafe at-home whitening practices to avoid. 

Brushing With Baking Soda

While baking soda does have natural whitening properties, it is also abrasive and can break down your tooth enamel over time and cause sensitivity of your teeth. Baking soda can also affect the glue that holds dental restorations (like bridges) in place, creating more problems for your oral health. 

Swishing Apple Cider Vinegar

Some people swear by apple cider vinegar as a remedy for removing stains from teeth, but overall it is not recommended. Apple cider vinegar is very acidic, so it will erode your tooth enamel over time. 

Rinsing with Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide does have natural bleaching ability, but at a 3 percent concentration, you’d need months before seeing a difference in your smile and likely suffer from irritation of the gum and teeth along the way. 

Why Choose Professional Teeth Whitening?

Brightening your smile in a way that's safe and effective is as easy as visiting your dentist for professional teeth whitening. Mosts dentists offer both in-office treatments as well as take-home kits for your convenience.

If you opt for the take-home option, your dentist will customize the treatment to suit your needs, choose the right shade for your smile, and create custom whitening trays just for you. 

Either way, you can rest assured that all whitening products offered by your dentist have been researched and approved by federal health regulatory agencies. They are simple, non-invasive procedures that will lighten the colour of your natural tooth enamel and can give your smile a new, refreshed look without causing any damage.

If you're interested in lightening your smile, contact our Edmonton dentists to schedule a teeth whitening appointment today!

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